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It’s amazing how Real Estate works these days. 90% of today’s buyers begin their search on one of the large “Real Estate” sites, like or Zillow. From there, you are in one way or the other directed to a “Contact” form which will send your information to multiple agents which pay monthly to receive leads. Now you have a ton of agents blowing up your phone, and who knows if any of them even have decent experience, or even work in the field full-time. Once you do choose an agent, you’re likely in for a long ride before you get into your new home, and it will likely cost you more than it should.

What you don’t know…

  • ALL of the “Real Estate” sites pull their information from the MLS (Multiple Listing Service)
  • The MLS system only allows restricted access to these sites, leaving some information inaccurate
  • Only REALTORS® have direct, live access to the MLS information
  • Most REALTORS® have not been properly educated in all aspects of a home sale, nor do they genuinely care for their customer’s needs
  • Over 50% of Purchase Contracts are filled out by agents incorrectly, leaving you open to possible LEGAL issues, or loss of purchase deal
  • Buyers who are not properly educated by an EXPERIENCED agent are almost certain to overpay for their home
  • Most agents do not analyze the property value to negotiate a lower price
  • Over half of the deals that fall through could have been saved by a savvy agent
  • A Real Estate Broker is a person who oversees a group of Real Estate Agents, usually behind the scenes
  • At Florida Quest Realty, our Broker is involved, guaranteeing you do not overpay and that your transaction works for you.

What We Do….. for FREE

  • Give our buyers direct access to MLS data and searches
  • Assist buyers with in-house mortgage counseling and SAME-DAY approvals
  • Explain the entire process from A to Z, we make sure you are comfortable with the process
  • Negotiate the best price on EVERY home. We take the time to analyze the property, regardless of the list price
  • Ensure contracts are correct, complete, and air tight
  • Schedule and oversee Inspections, Appraisals, Surveys, and other appointments
  • Provide low insurance quotes for your review & comparison
  • Work closely with Mortgage and Title companies to ensure your road to a smooth closing
  • Aggressively solve any issues that may threaten your comfort or endanger your closing date

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