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Trying to Sell Your Home By Owner?

Confused By The Process?

Have A Lot of Questions? Concerns?

We believe that Homeowners who wish to sell their own homes should not be harassed by Agents. We have put together some information to assist you in selling your own home, as well as some information to consider before making that decision.

At Florida Quest Realty, we don't want you to be in the dark. Please read through this FREE package and contact us if have any questions or to learn how I can expedite the sale of your home.

- If you do not have impressive curb appeal, potential buyers may just keep driving past your home. An Agent will post photos on multiple sites, so most buyers will target your home online, than drive to the property. If they only see your sale sign from a casual drive, they may keep going unless your landscaping grabs their attention.

- It can be unsafe to let unqualified strangers in your home. You never know who is calling, or knocking on your door.

- If you're at work, you may miss your buyer. Buyers are assertive and look at multiple homes a day. Even with your phone number on a sign out front, if you aren't available immediately, you could miss out.

- Over 87% of buyers use a real estate agent. A buyer's agent is unlikely to show your home without making a commission. This means you could end up paying someone who is not working for you if you don't have representation.

- Statistically, sellers make 12% more on their home when using a real estate agent.

- In addition to many other laws, there are legal disclosures you need to provide to a buyer. Even if you are selling your own home by owner, you could have legal problems if proper disclosures are not made and laws are not followed.

- We will post your home to over 1,500 websites. Most buyers these days start their search online on sites like, Zillow, Trulia, etc.

- We alert EVERY REALTOR about your home being on the market. If your home falls into their buyers criteria, the buyer WILL know about it.

- We can assure that no one will be in your home without being pre-qualified and accompanied by a licensed real estate agent. No more dealing with the awkwardness and insecurity of supervising strangers in your home!

- We will make sure potential buyers can see every great feature of your home before they even come by! Buyers that drive by your home without knowing all the great features that lay inside may just keep driving, lets make sure they don't pass you by!

- Any potential buyers can reach us 24/7/365 about your home. We are available every day, evening, and weekend to meet them for a showing. Don't inconvenience yourself!

- We will setup open houses for your home. We advertise open houses in local papers, internet, as well as informing other agents so they can preview your home for their future buyers.

- We will pay a buyer's agent if they bring a buyer for your home.

- We do extensive market research in your neighborhood to ensure we get the most for your home. Our listing price is backed by actual sales. When a buyer makes an offer, we secure a deposit immediately.

Here are some of the most commonly used forms, for FREE. Please contact us if what you need is not here.