Proximity Marketing for Sellers Home / Proximity Marketing for Sellers

Marketing is saturated. Everywhere you turn, the market is saturated with a ton of other homes and other agents doing the SAME THINGS. Break away from all of that, be one of the only Sellers having their home marketed through the AIR WAVES.

Our Proximity Marketing Solutions are Exclusive. Our Broker owns Proximity Solutions FL, and holds this platform to only our company for Pinellas County. The products we provide you are designed to connect with buyers in a new way. Once they are within Proximity of your home (50m), a notification will pop up on their android phone. Imagine every single person driving past your home being notified of its availability. WELL WE CAN DO IT!

This notification will then direct them to your property page (which we supply), with a space to enter their information, so your agent can follow-up and get them any desired assistance in seeing your home.

Contact us today, and we will come to your home to give you a demo.